Advanced Automation for the Home Brewer

This presentation is an overview of automation across brewery functions including brewing, fermenting, spunding, dispensing, cleaning, and advanced techniques like low oxygen.

Subject matter includes an advanced technology overview including data logging, reporting, and remote access, and alarms. We also cover sensors and controls used in automation for temperature control, flow direction, flow rates, volume measurement, pH measurement, digital hydrometer measurement, DO measurement, and hop and adjunct delivery. Finally, we present a case study review of an automated brewery build, including planning, building, and the outcome.

About the Speakers

Pete Bruno holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Lehigh University and designed automated control systems for manufacturing companies. He is a long time homebrewing hobbyist, and has found a great deal of enjoyment exploring new areas in brewing by combining the two.

Geoff Parkins is a contracts manager for a marine electrical firm in South Florida. He is also a freelance writer with articles published in BYO magazine, October, the Annapolis Capital-Gazette, and Good Old Boat magazine. He’s been brewing his own beer since 2006, and started developing his automated rig in 2017. From the first batch on that rig, the quality and consistency of his brews have been getting better and better.

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