Against the (traditional) grain: Gluten-Free Homebrewing

  • Speakers: Karen Hertz, Twila Soles
  • Track: Ingredients
  • Homebrew Con 2021
  • Online

The desire to learn about and try homebrewing gluten-free beer is rapidly growing! This seminar dives into the world of gluten-free home brewing; including gluten-free homebrew ingredient options, malting techniques on gluten-free grains, gluten-free beer recipe development, required equipment, mashing techniques, fermentation, and the expectations for finished beers. Additional resources, groups, and beer recipes will be shared for you to move forward with your gluten-free homebrew journey.

About the Speakers

Karen Hertz is Chief Brewista and Founder of Holidaily Brewing Company – Golden, Colorado. Holidaily is one of the few dedicated, gluten-free breweries in the United States. Karen will make introductions, do a market overview in terms of sales growth and trends, and guide the discussion in order to cover primary points/topics.

Twila earned an undergraduate degree in Nutrition from Miami University and a Master’s degree in Food Science & Food Safety from Colorado State University. For graduate studies, she focused on malting and brewing science and bioactive and probiotic compounds. A passion for craft beer and a gluten intolerance challenged her to experiment malting and brewing with gluten-free grains as a student. After meeting with success on the gluten-free beer flavor and quality front, she founded Grouse Malt House in 2013, a craft malting company dedicated to supplying gluten-free ingredients to the craft brewing industry. Twila is also a Founding Board Member of the North American Craft Maltster’s Guild.

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