Blending Sour Beer for the Homebrewer

Professional brewers know the secret to great sour beer is blending. For many homebrewers, this is an unknown and difficult process. This presentation and beer tasting teaches you the tools and techniques to produce world-class sour beers. Whether you are new to sour beer or a seasoned veteran, this simple and straightforward process will get you started producing beers that are more than the sums of their parts.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to evaluate and select sour beer for blending
  • Explore processes and procedures for blending sour beers to meet your goals
  • Understand acidity, funk, and complexity
  • Discuss scaling and packaging blended sour beer
  • Learn to blend world-class sour beer

About the Speakers

Aaron DeBoer has been homebrewing for over a decade and has been president of the Nordeast Brewers Alliance homebrew club for over six years. In that time, homebrewing has become his primary hobby. He enjoys the blend of science and art in beermaking and the great homebrewing community. He has appeared on three episodes of Chop & Brew, has been featured in the local newspaper, and has talked about beer and promoted events on local news.

Matt Johnson has been brewing beer since 1998 and has more than 500 batches brewed to his name. His passion for brewing started while in college when he walked into Northern Brewer in St. Paul, Minn., and purchased a homebrewing kit. Two months later, the owner approached Matt about working for the retail location, where he spent the next three years helping people learn to brew beer. He is a member of the Nordeast Brewers Alliance, and outside of brewing, he spends his days as the vice president of financial planning sales for a Fortune 200 financial firm.

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