Build Your Own Electric Brew-in-a-Bag Brewery

  • Speaker: Josh Cihak
  • Track: Technical
  • Homebrew Con 2018
  • Portland, OR

Discover the benefits of brewing on an electric brew-in-a-bag (eBIAB) system and how you can build one for yourself.

Electric brew-in-a-bag is a method for making high-quality all-grain beer that has many benefits for new and experienced brewers alike. Learn the components, construction, and processes needed to safely build and safely brew on your own do-it-yourself electric brewery.

About the Speaker

Josh Cihak lives in Bellingham, Washington, and has been homebrewing since 2011. An engineer by trade, he brings a scientific, experimental approach to the art of brewing. Josh brews on a self-designed, home-built, electric brew-in-a-bag system, which allows him to brew high-quality all-grain beer in a one-bedroom condominium. For Josh, eBIAB brewing represents a technology advancement for homebrewers, allowing for greater control and efficiency while lowering the entry cost for all-grain brewing.

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