Domo Arigato: The Adventure Guide to Sake Brewing

Sake is the traditional alcoholic drink brewed in Japan. There are a variety of styles and techniques to explore during sake production that contribute to the style and taste of sake. Best of all, sake is easy to make from a rice mash!

This session serves as an introduction and teaches the average homebrewer how to get started making sake. You will learn the major styles of sake, how to pick the right ingredients, and some history. Best of all, you will leave with a recipe, an understanding of which sakes are served hot or cold, and knowledge of how to fully enjoy some sake flavors!

Learning Objectives

  • Start with a basic homebrewing sake recipe
  • Understand ingredient selection for sake brewing
  • Learn sake serving techniques

About the Speaker

Dr. Matthew J. Winans has more than 10 years of hands-on homebrewing experience and has experimented with countless styles of fermentation. He currently leads the research and development lab for Imperial Yeast in Portland, Ore. While earning his Ph.D. in yeast systems biology at West Virginia University, Matthew doubled as a consultant to breweries and distilleries in the eastern U.S. Previously, he studied sake yeast in Japan under his sensei, Dr. Hiroshi Kitagaki of Saga University, and others at the National Research Institute of Brewing. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles on yeast dedicated to fermentation.

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