Evaluation of Five Lager Yeast Strains on a Munich Helles Recipe

This seminar evaluates the use of five different lager yeast strains on Munich helles wort that was divided among five fermenters. There is sensory analysis presented from a panel of Beer Judge Certification Program judges on the evaluation of each beer. Fathead Brewery ran actual chemical analyses on samples of each beer to identify differences as well. Our goal is to understand recipe development, including how a change from one yeast to another will change your homebrew, and to use sensory evaluation to improve your beer.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the beer style you plan to brew (Munich Helles in this example)
  • Learn the subtle differences in yeast strains
  • Learn how to use sensory and actual chemical analysis to evaluate the yeast used
  • Discuss how you can use the information in this presentation on your next brew day

About the Speaker

Larry Reuter has been a homebrewer for 17 years and presented at Homebrew Con in 2017 and 2019. Larry and his wife Donna have medaled in the National Homebrew Competition finals with their American barleywine, rauchbier (twice), and American IPA. He is a National-ranked Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judge and has administered BJCP exams. Larry has had Pro-Am entries in the Great American Beer Festival, and his Munich helles has been entered twice, along with an American lager and a schwarzbier. He has brewed over 20 of his recipes with Northeast Ohio craft brewers. Larry’s background is in food science.

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