Flavor Impacts of Brett Fermentation under Pressure

  • Speaker: Jonah Greenbaum-Shinder & Chris Saunders
  • Track: Yeast & Fermentation
  • Homebrew Con 2019
  • Providence, RI

It is a popular belief that fermenting with Brettanomyces under pressure yields a funkier outcome. At Escarpment Labs, we decided to put it to the test by fermenting the same co-pitched wort with and without top pressure. The finished product was then evaluated in a sensory panel and tested using gas chromatography. Discover what we learned about Brett under pressure in this seminar.

About the Speakers

Jonah is an avid homebrewer and a homebrew specialist with Escarpment Yeast Labs. He has helped Escarpment expand to more homebrew shops and improve homebrew packaging and sales strategies to get more exciting yeasts into the hands of homebrewers.

Chris is a quality assurance tech at Escarpment Yeast Labs in Guelph, Ontario, where he focuses on ensuring that product makes it out to pro brewers across Canada. He has a background in software, which he has used to help improve and automate business processes. His favorite beer styles are weissbier and Bavarian- and Bohemian-style lagers.

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