High Gravity: Pro Techniques for Homebrewers

This seminar takes a deep dive into the world of high-gravity brewing, beginning with an explanation of the science and following through with detailed explorations of technique, recipe design, and equipment choice. Topics include changes in mashing, sparging, and lautering; the use of adjuncts; yeast stress, nutrients, starters, and alcohol tolerance; and more. Acquired in formal brewing education, this information has been filtered through practical application in both professional and homebrewing experiences. Viewers will leave with a better understanding of the science and process, as well as direct, actionable techniques for creating great high-gravity brews.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand high gravity and its impact on the brewing process and recipe design
  • Walk away with professional techniques that can be directly applied to homebrewing and recipe design for high-gravity brews
  • Understand yeast stress, nutrients, ethanol tolerance, and the need for sufficient oxygen;
  • Learn how to adjust the mash and/or sparge for higher gravity results
  • Discuss brewing with adjuncts and/or adding adjuncts to the fermenter
  • Know how to achieve high gravity through double mashing
  • Learn how to manipulate the gravity by oversizing the lauter tun, decreasing the batch size

About the Speakers

Brittany Frey is a graduate of Cincinnati State’s brewing science degree program and now serves on its advisory board. She is the production manager at MadTree Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a Certified Cicerone. She has worked as a brewer at MadTree, as well as at Swine City Brewing in Fairfield, Ohio. Brittany has been a homebrewer for many years. She is the president of the Cincinnati chapter of the Pink Boots Society and a member of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas.

Brother James is a graduate of Cincinnati State’s Brewing Science degree program. He is the director of sales and marketing at Grainworks Brewing Company in West Chester, Ohio, and a member of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas. He has been a brewer at Urban Artifact Brewing in Cincinnati, a brand ambassador for Fat Head’s Brewery in Cleveland, and a homebrewer and beer judge for many years.

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