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In Gourd We Trust: An In-Depth Look at the Style, History, and Brewing Techniques for Pumpkin Beer

  • Speaker:
  • Adam Boyd
  • Track: Beer Styles
  • Homebrew Con 2019
  • Providence, RI

It’s time to shut down the pumpkin beer haters! This presentation will take a detailed look at the history of pumpkin beer, cover the rise of “pumpkin spice” culture and its effect on the style, get into the nitty-gritty of fruit flavor and selection, and look at recipes and techniques used by homebrewers and commercial brewers to make killer pumpkin beers. From jack-o-lantern fermenters to pumpkin seed stouts, presenter Adam Boyd has made dozens of wacky and delicious pumpkin beers. He is eager to share his knowledge with you and lead a pumpkin beer revolution!

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