Lambics and Flanders for Dummies: An Average Homebrewer’s Sour Beer Journey

  • Speaker: Dr. Chris Meta
  • Track: Beer Styles
  • Homebrew Con 2022
  • Pittsburgh

What happens when a mediocre homebrewer tries his hand at brewing lambic-style and Flanders-style beers? Follow homebrewer Chris Meta’s journey from his first sour (a best-of-show-winning lambic-style ale) to multiple soleras, cranking out consistent, quality sours faster than he can brew to keep up with them. He’ll share some tips, tricks, thoughts, and techniques for bringing the funk that he learned on his more-than-ten-year journey and, hopefully, inspire you to start your own sour program.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn why brewing good sour beer at home doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does take patience and forethought
  • Understand the benefits of funk regeneration
  • Think through the things to consider when running a sour Solera
  • Gain techniques for adding fruit to sours

About the Speaker

Chris Meta is a homebrewer with the Three Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewers (T.R.A.S.H.) in Pittsburgh, Pa.