Modern Perspectives on Traditional Methods: Applying New Knowledge To An Ancient Craft

  • Speakers: Malcolm Frazer, Marshall Schott
  • Track: Brewing Process
  • Homebrew Con 2016
  • Baltimore, MD

Just a couple decades ago, those who chose to make beer at home were met with many hurdles: a general lack of quality ingredients, proper gear, and knowledge about many aspects of brewing. Though stories of contamination, diacetyl bombs and undrinkable beers abound, we have these brave early homebrewers to thank for developing techniques that eventually helped people make better beer. These techniques were written about in books and shared with the world because they worked—at that time, but times have changed! This talk will focus on how our current understanding of the brewing process allows modern homebrewers to utilize previously unavailable tools and techniques to produce delicious beer with greater ease and efficiency, all backed up by results from the latest homebrew experimentation.

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