The Fermentation Kitchen

When taking a broad look at fermentation and how it applies to food and drink, it becomes clear that beer is just one example in a variety of zymurgy that also includes bread, cheese/yogurt, kombucha, certain meats, and many types of pickled vegetables.

In this seminar, Gabe explores the process of fermentation, why it is important, the types of fermentation, and the topic of live cultures and probiotics.

About the Speaker

Gabe Toth is a brewer, distiller, and journalist in northern Colorado. After a ten-year newspaper career, he moved into the craft beer world in 2010 at Santa Fe Brewing Co., subsequently moving between brewing and distilling and earning awards from the GABF, World Beer Cup, ADI and ACSA. He now oversees operations at The Family Jones production distillery. Toth has contributed to Artisan Spirit, Distiller, and The New Brewer magazines.

He also has written two books, The Fermentation Kitchen (Brewers Publication, 2021), and Craft Floor Malting: A Practical Guide. He holds degrees in communications and sociology and brewing and distilling certifications from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD). He has been applying his fermentation knowledge to home-fermented food and drink since 2005.


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