Homebrew Con Seminars

Homebrew Con is an annual event hosted by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA). The conference includes dozens of seminars on beer, mead, and cider. Join the AHA to gain access to Homebrew Con seminars dating back to 2012. You won’t find a resource like this anywhere else!

7 Hops: Bitter Sisters Who Reveal the Secrets of Humulus lupulus

  • Speaker: Stan Hieronymus
  • Track: Ingredients
  • Homebrew Con 2019
  • Providence, RI

How should you use a hop you’ve never heard of? Why are New World hops different? What’s a thiol? How come nobody warned us about hop creep? We’ll consider these questions, talk about the latest scientific research, and vote for the most important hop ever after getting up close and …More

Compound Interest: The Essentials of Essential Oils

  • Speakers: Matt McCarrollStan Hieronymus
  • Track: Ingredients
  • Homebrew Con 2017
  • Minneapolis, MN

Why does a beer dry hopped with Centennial smell different than one dry hopped with Saaz? When you can’t get Citra, what other hops should you look for to create similar aromas? Will five parts Cascade and one part Lemondrop really pass for Amarillo? After starting with the basics, we’ll …More

Beers That Flunked The Reinheitsgebot— Or How to Brew with Ingredients from Your Yard Without Killing Your Neighbors

  • Speaker: Stan Hieronymus
  • Track: Ingredients
  • Homebrew Con 2016
  • Baltimore, MD

Brewing with ingredients from the garden, yard, and nearby woods is older than the famous German beer purity law. Learn about using cultivated ingredients or foraged ingredients—even yeast collected in the wild—to make beers that are as pleasant to drink as they are to talk about. You’ll learn tips on …More

Keeping It Simple: What Monks Can Teach Us About Brewing

  • Speaker: Stan Hieronymus
  • Track: Historical
  • Homebrew Con 2014
  • Grand Rapids, MI

When Brother Antoine was in charge of brewing at Rochefort, he said: “Two of the pale malts, two of the sugars, two hop varieties, two yeast strains . . . two of this and two of that . . . we like to keep it simple.” That approach produces amazingly …More

Because Not Every Beer Is Stone Enjoy By: Preserving Hop Aroma

  • Speaker: Stan Hieronymus
  • Track: Ingredients
  • Homebrew Con 2013
  • Philadelphia, PA

Stone Brewing Co. notes that Stone Enjoy By is brewed not to last, loaded with hops at the back end—using a technique some call “hop bursting”—and heavily dry hopped. It’s full of hop aroma that is destined to fade, which is why Stone puts the enjoy by date in big …More

New Hop Varieties

  • Speaker: Stan Hieronymus
  • Track: Ingredients
  • Homebrew Con 2012
  • Bellvue, WA

Russell Schehrer, a former AHA Homebrewer of the Year and the man the Brewers Association Award for Brewing Innovation is named after, used a grand total of five different hop varieties the first year after Wynkoop Brewing opened in 1988. Today, the list of new varieties reads like the NATO …More