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Notes to editor:

  • Buttons can be used for louder calls to action, but note they are primarily used in forms only.
  • We have the option to display a single button or a row of buttons. That row can be left, center, or right aligned.
  • Unfortunately changing the button style must be done manually for now by manipulating button classes. Eventually we hope to modify this plugin to make those styles more editor friendly.

Available Classes

  • btn-primary (green)
  • btn-secondary (brown)
  • Outline (choose from block editor, this is a gutenberg thing)
  • btn-video (with icon)
  • btn-sm
  • To center a button, select the parent block to see alignment options

To center a button, be sure to add the ‘buttons’ block (not singular button) then change alignment to center.

@sarah – Do we want to give editors access to a small and large button? We do use small buttons inside of mini nuggets like on How to Brew landing page

Dropdowns (Custom HTML)

Note to editor:

Editors should not need to implement dropdowns, but rather they will appear as part of page templates in a nav/filter bar

Info Box (Legacy and Kadence)

Note to editor:

Info Boxes are used to highlight content in a small box, usually aligned to right side of page. Use the infobox block as needed. TODO: Link to Real World Example

Legacy Infobox

Here is some normal p text. Fun fun fun!


Editor Note: uses Kadence Blocks plugin

How to Send a Query to Zymurgy

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Don’t simply offer your services for whatever stories we may be looking to assign. Queries give us a chance to see how a prospective writer’s mind works. Stories proposed by our editors are almost always assigned to writers we have already worked with and/or various experts in the field.

The best place for writers to break into the magazine are The Last Drop (500 words) and feature articles (1,500-2,000 words). The Last Drop is a light-hearted look at anything homebrewing (or beer) related.

Feature articles are typically closely matched to the established themes for each issue (generally established each summer for the following calendar year) and are usually homebrewing related. Many feature articles will include at least one original homebrew recipe that is typically based on 5 gallons. When possible and applicable, an extract version of an all-grain recipe (or vice versa) should be included.

Due to a large volume of queries, please do not expect an immediate response. If assigned a story, you will be required to sign a contract that grants the Brewers Association first-time North American rights to publish the article in both print and electronic formats. Payment for articles vary.

Zymurgy welcomes letters, opinions, ideas, article queries and information in general from its readers. Correspondence should be directed tozymurgy@brewersassociation.org.

Dear Zymurgy

If you have interesting homebrewing stories or photos, would like to comment on something you’ve read in Zymurgy, or have a brewing-related question, email Dave Carpenter.

Submit Homebrew Labels

Hey homebrewers! If you have a homebrew label that you would like to see in our magazine, send it to Magazine Art Director Jason Smith.


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Tabs (Kadence)

Note to editor:

We have not implemented tabs on this site yet.

this is tab content