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How To Make Soda at Home

Soda making is an exciting yet simple pursuit, and it makes for a great non-alcoholic beverage that you can share with friends and family of all ages. Read More

Top view of wooden spoon over table with sauerkraut on it

How to Make Sauerkraut at Home

Enjoy the value of probiotics with this inexpensive recipe for sauerkraut from Amahl Turczyn, associate editor of Zymurgy® magazine. Read More

4 Modern Beer Cocktail Recipes

Transforming a beer right in your glass through blending and ingredient infusion is a fun way to experiment with ingredients or add a twist to one pint out of the many in your homebrew keg. Today, we’re going to take … Read More

How To Make Kombucha

Just like making beer, fermenting tea can be done in a number ways, and in this article we’ll show you one of these techniques for making kombucha at home. Read More

Juice & Strain: Cider Making Made Easy

Nevin Stewart developed a cheap and easy way to create apple juice from whole fruit that can be fermented into delicious hard cider. If you have access to delicious apples, you don't want to miss this! Read More

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