Big Beer

This Imperial IPA is based off of the ever-popular Pliny the Elder, brewed by Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing Company. Though this recipe makes a beer that is a tad bit "bigger" than Pliny the Elder, it is absolutely a direct descendant of it. Featured in Brewing Classic Styles, Cilurzo generously offered the recipe to authors Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer. Hop heads will not want to pass this one by, with one pound of hops going into a 6 gallon batch!Read More

Hop Hammer

"It's the stuff of legend, the muse of poets, the nectar of the gents. Strong beer, brilliant as topaz, sweet as dew, and dripping with the perfume of hops, was for centuries a revered icon of English culture." (Mosher, 129) That's the description of English October Beer in Randy Mosher's book. Sounds good right? In modern American translation, it would go something like: "It's the stuff of blurry weekends around the holidays. Strong beer, you know you want some."Read More


Dragon’s Milk October Beer

The Barley Wine is a labor of love and patience. Barley Wines take a long time to ferment and age so take your time. Pronounced esters and malty sweetness are appropriate and a nice hoppy backbone is nice to avoid a cloying taste. Read More


American Barleywine