Behind every great brewery are skilled craft brewers. These men and women shed blood, sweat, and tears to bring their range of traditional and more experimental beers to our glasses. But what you might not know is many of these professional craft brewers had humble beginnings as homebrewers in their garages and backyards.

Since there are over 1.1 million Americans out there who brew beer at home, we reached out to craft brewers (and a few mead makers) all over the country to compile a list of commercial beer clone recipes.

Scanning this list, you’ll find a clone recipe from a craft brewery in every state, scaled down to a 5-10 gallon batch size so you can enjoy making these commercial clone beer recipes at your home brewery.

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Back Forty Beer Company | Gadsden, AL
Style: Honey Brown Ale
Truck Stop Honey is Back Forty Beer Company's flagship which won a Great American Beer Festival silver medal the same year it debuted in 2011! The wildflower honey gives this close to traditional English brown ale a slightly sweet finish. See Full Recipe
Denali Brewing Company | Talkeetna, AK
Style: Blonde Ale
Mother Ale is the lightest of Denali Brewing's lineup of signature ales. This blonde ale is brewed with pilsner and wheat malts, hopped with American and European hops and fermented with lager yeast at warm ale temperatures. See Full Recipe
Pedal Haus Brewery | Tempe, AZ
Style: Belgian Witbier
A gold medal winner in the 2018 Great American Beer Festival, this traditional witbier from Pedal Haus Brewery features Moraccan orange peel and coriander. See Full Recipe
Ozark Beer Company | Rogers, AR
Style: Belgian Golden Ale
Ozark Beer Co. brews this tradiational Belgian golden with pilsen malt and noble hops that lend aromas of apples and pears. The perfectly timed hop additions makes it a light, dry and very refreshing homebrew. See Full Recipe
Ladyface Ale Companie | Agoura Hills, CA
Style: Grisette
La Grisette is a thirst-quenching Belgian farmhouse ale akin to saison, which earned Ladyface Ale Companie a silver in the 2018 Las Angeles International Beer Competition. See Full Recipe
Odell Brewing Company | Fort Collins, CO
Style: Amber Ale
Only the highest quality beers were taxed 90 shillings in the old Scottish taxing system! You’ll find this amber ale brilliantly refreshing and worth every shilling. See Full Recipe
Two Roads Brewing Company | Stratford, CT
Style: Farmhouse Ale
This beer is named for the concept of compensating migrant farm workers of yore with beer as part of their pay. Imagining these farms beers were brewed with a variety of surplus grains, Two Roads Brewing crafted this saison with a blend of grains for a subtle complexity. See Full Recipe
Crooked Hammock Brewery | Lewes, DE
Style: Milk Stout
This dark roasted sweet stout is heavy in body and color but light in its mouthfeel thanks to rolled oats and lactose, providing an underlying sweetness that is sure to make your dreams come true. See Full Recipe
Perfect Plain Brewing Co. | Pensacola, FL
Style: American IPA
Dubbed the Holy Spin, the third spin of a vinyl record is known to be when the tunes are at their best. This recipe was the third turn of their brewhouse and is dry-hopped, abundantly so, with citra hops! See Full Recipe
Good Word Brewing & Public House | Duluth, GA
Style: New England IPA
This hazy IPA is described as “juicy” without being overly sweet thanks to Vic Secret and Citra hops. Pilsner malt dominates alongside English pale malt and oats for a little more body and mouthfeel. See Full Recipe
Honolulu Beer Works | Honolulu, HI
Style: Hefeweizen
Instead of a commonly thought of coconut dark beer, this German-style coconut hefeweizen is a lighter-bodied beer inspired by one Honolulu Beer Works brewer’s wife. See Full Recipe
Boise Brewing Company | Boise, ID
Style: Milk Stout
Boise Brewing uses two different types of chocolate malt plus a touch or roast to get the dark chocolate character. Paired with the sweetness from lactose, this is chocolate-y brew! See Full Recipe
Corridor Brewery & Provisions | Chicago, IL
Style: American IPA
Corridor Brewery's flagship beer that features a plethora of cool kid hops including Mosaic, Citra, and El Dorado create a citrus and tropical paradise. See Full Recipe
Triton Brewing Company & Bistro | Indianapolis, IN
Style: American Wheat
This American wheat ale is a 2017 Great American Beer Festival bronze medal winner from Indiana. The golden color, white head and crisp flavor will satisfy any wheat lovers cravings. See Full Recipe
Exile Brewing Company | Des Moines, IA
Style: Milk Stout
“I like big stouts and I cannot lie.” Exile Brewing's mocha stout is brewed with Brazilian coffee beans from their neighbors up the street, Horizon Line. Roasted coffee and chocolate bitterness balance its smooth malty sweetness. See Full Recipe
Norton's Brewing Company | Wichita, KS
Style: Milk Stout
Named by the brewer's child, Poke the Bear is a tasty milk stout with notes of chocolate and vanilla. With an "imperial" twist, this milk stout really packs a punch! See Full Recipe
Dreaming Creek Brewery | Richmond, KY
Style: Historical Beer
The Kentucky common was a once popular recipe that originated in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Lost to Prohibition and recently resurrected, this has once again become a popular style of beer across the Bluegrass state and beyond. See Full Recipe
Parleaux Beer Lab | New Orleans, LA
Style: American Lager
This hopped-up take on a classic American lager is whirlpooled with lemongrass and then dry-hopped with Lemondrop hops, lending it a rich, bright aroma with a smooth lemon candy-like finish. See Full Recipe
Bissell Brothers Brewing | Portland, ME
Style: New England IPA
The Substance from Bissel Brothers Brewing Co. flirts with the new world IPA style in a way that intrigues and compels, adding complexity and not detracting from the beer. See Full Recipe
Denizens Brewing Co. | Silver Spring, MD
Style: Strong Bitter (ESB)
This extra special bitter is a more hop-forward version of the English bitter from Denizens. With classic ESB notes of toffee and biscuit, they use a mix of English and American hops to create a floral and herbal balance with the malt. See Full Recipe
Night Shift Brewing | Everett, MA
Style: Saison
This is a classic, peppery, dry saison. A simple grist coupled with an assertive bittering hop addition help accentuate the dry characteristics and give a solid base for the phenols from the yeast. See Full Recipe
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales | Dexter, MI
Style: Sour Farmhouse Ale
This farmhouse ale is named after Jolly Pumpkin's Jack Russell, who after being struck by a car bounced back in tenacious Jack Russell fashion. It's golden, naturally cloudy, bottle conditioned and dry hopped for a perfect flavor balance. See Full Recipe
Lupulin Brewing | Big Lake, MN
Style: American IPA
This appropriately named IPA is made with pure Lupulin powder, paying homage to the brewery's name. The bursting tropical flavors and soft bitterness may fool you, but no pellet or hop touched this beer. Brew your own and see what you think! See Full Recipe
Biloxi Brewing Company | Biloxi, MS
Style: American Ale
This is Biloxi's sessionable pale ale that bursts with grapefruit flavors and aromas from the generous amount of Citra hops used, especially in the dry hop addition. See Full Recipe
Missouri Beer Company | O'Fallon, MO
Style: Mild Ale
This malt-focused session ale from Missouri Beer Company is dark, low gravity and really refreshing. The low ABV makes the English dark mild suited for session drinking. See Full Recipe
Outlaw Brewing | Bozeman, MT
Style: Milk Stout
Winter can be long and cold in Montana, leaving a beer with a bit more body to be desired. Outlaw Brewing has come to love this beer for its full body, rich mouthfeel, and utter deliciousness. See Full Recipe
Boiler Brewing Co. | Lincoln, NE
Style: American Amber
Brewed in collaboration with a local homebrewer, the spicy rye notes of this pale ale blend perfectly with the new school Mosaic hops that it’s hard to tell where the rye ends and the hops begin. See Full Recipe
IMBĪB Custom Brews | Sparks, NV
Style: Berliner Weisse
IMBIB most likely created this traditional Berliner Weisse to combat the grueling Nevada heat. A low alcohol, high refreshment beer is sure to please and remind even the winter months of summer beer love. See Full Recipe
New Hampshire
Henniker Brewing Co. | Henniker, NH
Style: Saison
This brew is a spring offering for Henniker Brewing and an in-house favorite. It is estery, has a light citrus notes and a dry, peppery finish. See Full Recipe
New Jersey
River Horse Brewing Company | Ewing, NJ
Style: Belgian Tripel
Tripel Horse has been the flagship beer of River Horse since the company was founded in 1996. This dark gold Belgian tripel has hints of clove, coriander and banana all packed into a 10% ABV beer. See Full Recipe
New Mexico
Red Door Brewing Company | Albuquerque, NM
Style: New England IPA
This juicy and hazy India pale ale features an intense tropical fruit and floral nose. This is a perfect choice for warm weather. See Full Recipe
New York
Great South Bay Brewery | Bay Shore, NY
Style: American IPA
Let’s just say this Massive IPA from New York’s Great South Bay Brewery doesn’t skimp on the hops! With a hefty dose of flameout hops, Massive IPA is packed full of American hop flavor and aroma. See Full Recipe
North Carolina
Wedge Brewing Co. | Asheville, NC
Style: Belgian Golden Strong
Named Golem after Led Zeppelin’s lyric in “Ramble On,” this Belgian golden strong ale has evolved over the years into a perfect balance of malt sweetness, yeast esters and Czech Saaz. See Full Recipe
North Dakota
Fargo Brewing Company | Fargo, ND
Style: American IPA
Horizon hops and oats provide a sleek, velvety body and balanced bitterness while pounds per barrel of Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Simcoe hops give this IPA waves of citrus and pine flavors. That’s one delicious beer eh? Oh yeah, you betcha! See Full Recipe
Seventh Son Brewing Co. | Columbus, OH
Style: Imperial Stout
This nearly opaque imperial stout from Seventh Son Brewing Co. boasts hints of plum, dark cocoa and a pleasing warm alcohol finish. Oubliette may be the french word for dark forgotten dungeon, but you are guaranteed to remember this dark stout. See Full Recipe
Iron Monk Brewing Co. | Stillwater, OK
Style: American Amber
Iron Monk brewing's American amber ale is very malt-forward and smooth. They hear from fans all the time that this is their all-time favorite beer, and we think you'll agree once you brew some yourself! See Full Recipe
Von Ebert Brewing | Portland, OR
Style: Brut IPA
Sabrage /səˈbrɑːʒ/ is the technique for opening a champagne bottle with a saber. This recipe is dry and effervescent, with minimal bitterness and hop character that's dominated by grapefruit-heavy Citra and a touch of resinous Chinook. See Full Recipe
Church Brew Works | Pittsburg, PA
Style: Dark Lager
This dark-style lager from the Church Brew Works is based on a 150-year-old recipe from Munich, Germany. This version is slightly darker and surprisingly easy drinking with a low ABV and crisp finish. See Full Recipe
Rhode Island
Providence Brewing Company | North Providence, RI
Style: New England IPA
Bursting with mango, orange and pineapple flavors, this juicy-yet-dank milkshake New England IPA from Providence Brewing Company will have you begging for another sip. See Full Recipe
South Carolina
Holy City Brewing | North Charleston, SC
Style: Porter
Holy City's Pluff Mud Porter presents (and smells) like a classic porter, with subtle chocolate notes and a silky finish, but the medium body and tame ABV keep it refreshing at all times. Enjoy this throughout the year, in or out of the marsh. See Full Recipe
South Dakota
Crow Peak Brewing Co. | Spearfish, SD
Style: Porter
This beer was named Pile 'O Dirt because of the ridiculous amount of dirt Crow Peak Brewing had to build their original brewery on to get them out of the flood plain. This porter is very dark in color with a nice tan head and complexity due to the variety of specialty malts used. See Full Recipe
Tennessee Valley Brewing Company | Clarksville, TN
Style: Red Ale
DIVARTY Red Legs is named in honor of brave Division Artillery soldiers. This is an Irish red ale that's really easy drinking with slight malty flavor, a soft touch of caramel and lightly roasty finish. See Full Recipe
Jester King Brewery | Austin, TX
Style: Saison
This dry farmhouse ale called Figlet is a real Texas gem! Jester King Brewery stayed true to Texas style by incorporating locally-sourced cold-smoked figs into the recipe. See Full Recipe
Whetstone Station Restaurant & Brewery | Brattleboro, VT
Style: Session IPA
This bright and delicious session IPA features Simcoe, Amarillo and Citra hops. While it's hazy, aromatic and full of flavor, at just 4.5% ABV this crisp beer is perfect for when you've got thirst that needs quenching. See Full Recipe
Strangeways Brewing | Richmond, VA
Style: Bière de Mars
This is based on the classic Bière de Garde style, but with an extra kick of hops to make it more of a Bière de Mars. This might be a classic style, but American hops and dry-hopping make this a pretty unique take! See Full Recipe
Reuben's Brews | Seattle, WA
Style: Porter
One of Reuben's Brews year round beers, this robust porter was one of the first beers brewed when they opened in 2012. Brewmaster Adam Robbings came up with the recipe as a homebrewer and he won gold the first three competitions with the very first batch! See Full Recipe
Washington, D.C.
Atlas Brew Works | Washington, D.C.
Style: American Rye
Atlas Brew Works in Washington D.C. created this hop-forward rye ale that is both fun and aggressive. Using a large amount of specialty malts and three hop varieties, it is sure to get rye ale lovers' attention. See Full Recipe
West Virginia
Big Timber Brewing | Elkins, WV
Style: Robust Porter
This well balanced, yet complex porter derives all of its flavor from loads of specialty malts. The recipe has remained virtually unchanged, and this beer and can only be found in West Virginia. See Full Recipe
Earth Rider Brewery | Superior, WI
Style: Munich Helles
This export helles was inspired by Augustiner Edelstoff, which the Earth Rider founder fell in love with on a trip to Bavaria. Precious Material packs a bigger punch with a slightly elevated hop character compared to a standard helles. See Full Recipe
Roadhouse Brewing Co. | Jackson Hole, WY
Style: Cream Ale
Family Vacation was originally brewed to quench the thirst of locals coming back from a day of skiing and was inspired by a wildly popular Midwestern brewed cream ale. Over the years, Roadhouse has taken the liberty of adjusting the recipe to ensure it's always crushable! See Full Recipe