Tuesday Beer Trivia: Beer & Food Pairing (Pt. 2)

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Test yourself on beer presentation, storage, and pairing in this Tuesday Beer Trivia.

Pairing beer and food is an exciting art that has evolved significantly in recent years, thanks in large part to Craftbeer.com and the Brewers Association Craft Beer Program. Test your knowledge on best practices in this week’s Tuesday Beer Trivia.

After you take the Beer Trivia quiz below, scroll down to “Beer Trivia Answer Explanations” section to learn more about pairing beer and food.

Beer Trivia Answer Explanations

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The following explanations were taken from Craftbeer.com Beer & Food Course by Julia Herz and Adam Dulye

Question 1: One of the first things to dissipate in a beer that is past its prime is the hop aroma. If a beer exhibits less hop aroma than indicated by tasting notes provided or published on the internet, it may be old.

Question 2: The overall palate of the beer refers to the way it tastes and feels on the mouth and tongue. Proteins and residual sugars from the malt, extracted during brewing and modified during fermentation, determine the final body and consistency of the liquid.

Question 3: A vertical tasting does not need to be in chronological order. If multiple vintages of a single beer are available, taste each one and consider which years are most suitable to pair next to each other before you set the final order. A vertical tasting requires a minimum of two vintages and should not exceed six.

Question 4: Warmed cheese allows the perception of the flavors to come through, thus setting you up for a better idea of how well it will pair with certain beers.

Question 5: False. Heating bitter-forward beers to the point of pasteurization will concentrate bitterness in the liquid, which is why it is not recommended to cook with bitter-forward beers on high heat.