Tuesday Beer Trivia: Kegging

Put your knowledge of home kegging to the test in this week’s Tuesday Beer Trivia quiz.

There’s nothing quite like pouring your homebrewed beer straight from the tap. There is a lot of moving parts and tricks to master to get the perfect pour, so we’re putting your kegging chops to the test in this week’s Tuesday Beer Trivia.

After you take the Beer Trivia quiz below, scroll down to the “Beer Trivia Answer Explanations” section to learn more about kegging.

Beer Trivia Answer Explanations

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Question 1: Named for the company that originally manufactured them, Cornelius kegs (aka Corny kegs) were originally used by the soft drink industry. Today, they are one of the main types of kegs used by homebrewers.

Question 2: “Nitro” beers poured on draught are typically served using a 50/50 blend of nitrogen and CO2 gasses.

Question 3:  The length and diameter of draught beer lines will affect the amount of pressure needed to serve beer. For example, on foot of 1/4″ inner diameter vinyl tubing will drop serving pressure by 0.5 pounds per foot. Download A Bottler’s Guide to Kegging for more information on the affects of different tubings on serving pressure.

Question 4:  A portable draught system in which the tap handles are mounted on something like a picnic cooler is called a jockey box, though we think porta-party is a worthy contender. Learn how to make a jockey box at home.

Question 5:  While a full 5-pound CO2 tank can hold pressures up to 800 psi, only 10-30 psi are needed to carbonate and dispense beer.

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