Tuesday Beer Trivia: Porters

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Test your knowledge on porters and their style characteristics in this week’s Tuesday Beer Trivia quiz.

Porters are some of the oldest, most traditional styles of beer. From pubs in London dating back as far as the 18th century to our booming American craft beer movement, this style is still intriguing beer drinkers far and wide.

After you take the Beer Trivia quiz below, scroll down to the “Beer Trivia Answer Explanations” section to learn more about porter and all of the deliciousness that comes along with this style.

Beer Trivia Answer Explanations

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The following explanations are taken from Porter by Terry Foster and Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff & John J. Palmer.

Question 1: 

Brown, robust and Baltic porter all have similarities in that they have some level of roasty character that is characterized as less than a stout’s, but more than a brown ale’s. A black porter is not a known style.

Question 2: 

One quarter original gravity for FG in a porter is desirable because you want your beer to be fairly well-attenuated. Your porter should be dry and not noticeably sweet.

Question 3: 

During the last century, water for brewing came from deep wells in London, a city surrounded by vast chalk deposits that make up southeastern England. The chalk, is of course, calcium carbonate. Fun fact: the calcium carbonate is what makes the White Cliffs of Dover white!

Question 4: 

Cellar temperature is considered cool and not warm. Colder temperatures can inhibit mouthfeel and body characteristics. The roasted malt flavors can be over-emphasized, making the black malt taste stand out and ruin the beer’s balance.

Question 5: 

A porter should be semi-translucent and give off a red color, not black like many people think. You should just be able to see through it when you hold up the glass.