Meeting Topic: Cask Ale

Cask ale is unfiltered beer that is racked into casks, krausened, and sealed. It then undergoes a final fermentation in the cask from which it is then served. The result is a beer with lower carbonation and more complex flavor and aroma. It is also often called ‘real ale’, and is best served at cellar temperature (~55°F).

For your May 2017 club meeting, we encourage you to educate your club members on cask ales using the resources below.

Zymurgy Volume 36 No. 4 – July/August 2013

(Un)Real Ale: A Free Thinker’s Guide to Cask Conditioning – p. 32

National Homebrewers Conference 2015

Hosting Cask Ale Events | Slides (PDF) | Audio

An Introduction to Cask Conditioning Homebrew


Research and Education Fund

Cask Conditioned Ale Experiment

Tuesday Beer Trivia

Tuesday Beer Trivia: Cask Ale

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