Surly Rally

156 Join the AHA at Surly Brewing Co. – Oct 10, 2009

Surly Brewing Co. collaborated with the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) on October 10, 2009 to host the largest AHA Rally to date. Roughly 330 AHA members attended the event, despite the freezing temperatures. To make it the most successful Rally of all time, 156 people joined the AHA. With donated malt from Mid Country Malt Supply, the brewers at Surly Brewing Co. brewed two batches of Imperial Brown and gave it away to attendees. Members took away carboys, kegs and even plastic buckets of wort home to ferment. Northern Brewer was also onsite, handing out free yeast. See Rallies for more information and join us at our next AHA Rally.

Here is one of many videos out on YouTube. Thanks to AHA member Chip Walton for getting this posted so quickly.

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Homebrewers Association

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