What to Expect When You’re Extracting

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How to do extract homebrew

Originally published in the January/February 2003 issue of Zymurgy magazine. Does the thought of calculating a grain bill for all-grain brewing make your head spin? How much grain should you use? Don't different grains have different yields? How do you decide? The answer is a malt analysis sheet that you should be able to obtain from your homebrewing supply shop. These information sheets from the maltster describe the amount of extract that each lot of malt can yield. Unfortunately, calculating your OG from sev­eral malt analysis sheets is not as straightforward as for malt extract. When you target an OG with malt extract, it's as simple as multiplying the weight of the extract in pounds by its yield (36 gravity points per pound per gallon for liquid malt extract or 42/lb/gal for dry), and dividing by…

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