January/February ’14 Zymurgy Magazine Preview

Keep an eye out for the January/February 2014 issue of Zymurgy magazine, which is shipping out on December 23, and hitting your mailbox shortly thereafter. AHA members can check out the issue instantly using eZymurgy or the Zymurgy mobile app.

Go-Go Gadget Homebrew!

It’s no secret that homebrewers are some of the best DIY-ers out there. In this issue, our Zymurgy readers shared some of their homemade creations used to help make their brewing days go just a little bit more smoothly. Who knows, you just might find inspiration for a homemade gadget that could change your homebrewing processes forever!

In addition to the gadgets article, features include topics on carbonation, the Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am Competition, water modeling and new hop varieties. Combine those with the other bi-monthly columns and beer recipes, and you’ve go yourself one fine piece of homebrew literature.

So pour yourself a glass of your latest creation, kick back and see what’s buzzing in the homebrewing world.

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