Jester King Brewery Shares 6 Beer Recipes Scaled Down for Homebrewers

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Send in the clones!

Jester King Brewery, an independent craft brewery based in Austin, Texas, is known for its mixed-culture-fermented beers and unique takes on classic styles.

They have blessed us homebrewers with 6 of their beer recipes, which they’ve scaled down to 5-gallon (18.9 L) batch homebrew recipes.

The homebrew recipes include:

  • Biere De Miel, an ale brewed with Texas wildflower honey
  • Das Wunderkind!, a blend of young, fresh ale with mature, barrel-aged ale
  • Gotlandsdricka, an ale brewed with smoked malt, juniper, and sweet gale
  • Kvass, an ale brewed with miche bread
  • Noble King, a hoppy ale
  • Snörkel, an ale brewed with oyster mushrooms and smoked sea salt

Access these 6 Jester King Brewery homebrew recipes on their website.

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Photo Credit: Emily Hutton / Jester King