Zymurgy Live

Zymurgy Live is an online, interactive webinar series. Invited guests present on selected topics of interest to the homebrewing community, followed by a question & answer session.

Zymurgy Live webinars are presented on a monthly to bi-monthly schedule, but frequency may vary.

All webinars are supported by WebEx, and may require a one-time downloadable browser plug-in to access the presentation.

Please tell us about a topic that you’d like to learn about, or submit your own webinar proposal for a future installment of Zymurgy Live.

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Mapping the Sour Beer Microbiome

Historically, certain styles of beer were inoculated and fermented with the microorganisms resident on malted grains. In recent years, this style of brewing has made …More

History of the Use of Wood in Beer

Join New Belgium Brewing Company brewmaster, Peter Bouckaert for a Zymurgy Live webinar on the history of the usage of wood in beer. Peter will cover …More

Tasting Beer

In this installment of Zymurgy Live, Randy Mosher offers listeners an overview of the tasting process and explains why tasting is such an important skill …More

Brewing Local With Stan Hieronymus

Should the next “magic ingredient” in your beer be hops you grew yourself, basil from your garden, or yeast collected from your neighbor’s pear tree? …More