4 Homebrew Con Recordings on Cheese Making and Pairing

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Beer and cheese go together like peanut butter and jelly! They’re even made in very similar ways through the magic of fermentation.

To delve into the world of home cheesemaking and pairing, we’ve compiled 4 seminar recordings from past Homebrew Cons. AHA members have access to Homebrew Con seminar recordings.

1. Homebrew Cheese Making for the Beer Lover

Learn how to apply what you already know about homebrewing to the world of home cheesemaking. Discover techniques and microorganisms, find out how to use beer in cheesemaking, and learn how to combine beer and cheese in cooking.

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2. Hops vs. Malt: A Smackdown with Cheese

Two brews, five cheeses. Follow along as a hoppy ale goes head to head with a malt-focused brew. This exercise will help steer you toward the cheese that best complement the beers you make.

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3. Ferment THIS!

Learn the art of fermenting various foods at home, including cheese, naturally pickled foods, hot sauce, cheese, sauerkraut, kimchi, vinegar, kombucha, wine, and sourdough bread.

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4. Mead & Cheese: Perfect Partners

Beer isn’t the only beverage that plays well with cheese. Follow along as complex pairings are created with your favorite cheeses and various styles of mead (honey wine).

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