5 Fermented Food Recipes for Homebrewers

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These 5 fermented food recipes from around the world are perfect for your explorations into home fermentation.

homemade kimchi in jarsS

Fermented Hot Sauce

Making your own hot sauce might sound oddly industrial, but chiles are one of the most straightforward foods you can ferment! Find recipes and procedures for making fermented hot sauce at home. You can follow along or alter the recipes with your favorite pepper, spice, and flavor combinations!

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homemade kimchi recipe

Kimchi for the Homebrewer

Learn how to make kimchi at home. It’s easy and delicious! Kimchi can easily be customized to your personal preferences, too. Many of the principles involved with kimchi can also be applied to other fermented foods.

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ethiopian injera flatbread recipe

Injera: Ethiopian Flatbread

Ethiopia has a wonderfully diverse culinary tradition, but the one food that’s found at nearly every meal is a spongy, fermented flatbread known as injera. This sourdough bread acts as a plate, a utensil, and a food staple that perfectly matches the usually spicy cuisine of various Ethiopian dishes.

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miso paste

Making Miso

Miso is a fermented paste traditionally made with soybeans. Miso may be unfamiliar to many western people, but it is an absolute cornerstone of Asian cuisine, particularly Japanese, and it has all kinds of applications in the kitchen.

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quark cheese

All About Quark

To the uninitiated, quark–a soft cheese–can be a little hard to pin down. Quark is among the most popular cultured dairy products one encounters in Germany and much of Eastern Europe, and you can make it at home!

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