8 Seminars on Cidermaking

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Few things pair better with a crisp fall day than a pint of homemade hard cider. The flavor profiles that you can create from fermenting apples are unique, and homebrewers are often delighted to learn that turning around a cider can take less time than fermenting homebrew.

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1. Cider Post-Fermentation Adjustments

Gary Awdey (President, US Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association)  |  Homebrew Con 2014 (Grand Rapids, MI)

Learn more about cider made from dessert apples and cider apples, as well as some of the standard techniques used after fermentation to make flavor adjustments. This session emphasizes basic bench trial techniques along with a conceptual exploration of what it means to make craft cider.

2. Cider Revolution: How to Brew Great Cider from Everyday Ingredients

Chris Banker  (QUAFF)|  Homebrew Con 2013 (Philadelphia, PA)

This talk discusses proven methods for making excellent fruit and specialty ciders from commonly available ingredients using a quick and simple process. We’ll cover cidermaking basics, ingredients, process, suggested variants, and recipes, and we’ll sample ciders made using the described process. More advanced cidermakers will be introduced to ways to improve their process and gain ideas for unique ciders.

3. Cider: It’s All About the Yeast

Kara Taylor (White Labs Technical Laboratory Manager)  |  Homebrew Con 2016 (Baltimore, MD)

The cider revolution is coming and we’re bringing yeast to the forefront! For years, yeast has been ignored in home cidermaking. Find out about old and new strains used in cidermaking, including some wild strains like Candida species, and discover fermentation techniques to take your ciders to the next level.

4. Continuing the Revolution: Taking Your Cidermaking To The Next Level

Stan Sisson  |  Homebrew Con 2015 (San Diego, CA)

Expand your cidermaking possibilities by working with fresh fruit. Learn how to press your own juices using easily available equipment, and find out what fruits work best and where to get them.

5. Exploring Fruit Ciders

Chris Smith (Northern Brewer)  |  Homebrew Con 2017 (Minneapolis, MN)

This seminar offers an overview of the procedures and processes of adding fruit to hard cider. Topics include base cider selection, fruit pairing and preparation, yeast selection, nutrients, aeration, and more. From acidity and tannins to stabilizing and back-sweetening, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of what it takes to make great fruit cider.

6. Ice Cider

Jeremy Olsen (St. Paul Homebrewing Club)  |  Homebrew Con 2017 (Minneapolis, MN)

Ice cider is a delicious but uncommon cider style. This seminar reviews the history and origins of ice cider and discusses tips and techniques for making it at home. Learn about apple juice selection, the freezing process, fermentation, and post-fermentation adjustments to make your own ice cider.

7. Mastering Cider: Tips for Making Better Cider from Master Cidermakers

P. Anisimov, B. Glenna, J. Olsen, C. Smith, N. Williams  |  Homebrew Con 2019 (Providence, RI)

Join this panel of experienced home cidermakers to have your burning questions about cider answered. Each panelist will offer in-depth tips on how to improve as a cidermaker. Come with an open mind and an inquisitive palate.

8. Navigating the Complexities of Making Great Hard Cider at Home

Corey Arrick (Philadelphia Homebrew Club) |  Homebrew Con 2014 (Grand Rapids, MI)

This seminar explores various ways of making hard cider, from simple processes to more complex, and will show you how procedures, ingredient selection, creativity, time, and patience give you control over the final outcome. The sky’s the limit when it comes to making great cider!

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