Russell Homsy’s Nanobrewery

Background Just a few miles outside of Boston there lives a homebrewer who has been dedicating himself to his craft for the last ten years. That man is Russell T. Homsy, and his Nanobrewery is the subject of this week’s Pimp … Read More

Chris Bowen’s Arctic Brewery

Before getting into the technical aspects of Chris’ brewing trailer it is important to understand why and what the trailer was built for. The goal was to brew the historic Allsopp’s ale from an 1852 recipe, 2000 miles away from … Read More

5 Thumbs’ Single Tier Brewery

Aspiring brewers Andy Kiehl and Rob Enzweiler have been brewing together for over 4 years. They started brewing 5-gallon extract batches using a single Sanke keg and a typical turkey fryer burner. A little over a year later, they moved … Read More

Mike Tinker’s 10 Gallon HERMS System

This brewery had its genesis in my desire to upgrade my current 10 gallon HERMS system to an all stainless single-tier brewery from its current two-tier Igloo cooler form. As I was thinking through the work and expense of such … Read More

Josh Landin’s Bright Blue Brewing Machine

A great friend got me homebrewing in 2002 — straight into the world of all-grain. In the early stages of my brewing evolution, we employed a Cajun cooker, one pot, a big cooler, and a trusty saucepan. I quickly learned … Read More

Adam Hale’s D.I.T.C.H.E.S

While Chattanooga, TN may be acknowledged as the birthplace of the first tow truck, it is a little known fact that the “Scenic City” is also home to one of the finest homebrew systems that side of the Mississippi River. … Read More

Wayne Waananen’s Single Tier Beauty

Pimp My System has been a great way for brewers of all different kinds of backgrounds and experiences to show off their creations to the homebrewing world. Well this week on Pimp My System we are fortunate enough to check … Read More

Pat Lehr’s Royal Cruiser

Okay, so Pimp My System may imply to some that we at the AHA show up at your house and rebuild your brewing apparatus to make it as beautiful as it is functional.  How sweet would that be?  Much like … Read More

Matthew Wirtz and his Electric Sculpture

Talk about the marriage of art and science… our friend Matthew Wirtz (not making this up!) posted pictures of this beauty on the AHA Forum, and for a bunch of jaded, seen-it-all publishing types, we have to admit that we … Read More

Darrell Malin’s Beastly System

Darrell Malin’s Beastly System Termed The Beast by proud papa Darrell Malin of Mesa, AZ, this edition of Pimp My System showcases a slick two-tier setup.  Members of the AHA Forum can see more pictures of Darrell’s system, as well as … Read More

Alex Plommer’s Gadgetry

Alex Plommer of London, Ontario (that’s Canada for the geographically challenged) has kindly posted pictures of his brewing apparatus and various toys on the AHA forum.  Not just a repository of good advice and homebrew bonhomie, the AHA Forum is … Read More

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