Author Topic: Hard Root Beer in a comp?  (Read 6202 times)

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Re: Hard Root Beer in a comp?
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Noone has suggested filtering to my knowledge.  How about passing it threw one of these?

I have never filtered but thats how breweries deal with yeast and 70 bucks isnt as expensive as some of the other options i have seen:)
filtering was suggested earlier but since I really just keg this and am looking to only bottle a few for a comp it's really not worth the $70 right now.

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Re: Hard Root Beer in a comp?
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I'm pretty sure the campden dose rate is 1 per 20 liters, not gallons. But the dose also depends on pH.
For wine and cider, you typically use 1 per gallon to kill the wild microorganisms.  To remove chlorine or chloramine, it is 1 per 20 gallons.
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