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Author Topic: FOR SALE: Electric Brewing Control Panel  (Read 6539 times)

Offline TheLiquidBakery

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FOR SALE: Electric Brewing Control Panel
« on: June 11, 2014, 08:27:36 am »
I am selling my electric brewery control panel build that I recently finished.
The control panel was designed, assembled and tested by me. The specifications of the box are as follows.

Auber switches, indicator lights and alarm
(1) Auber Instruments 400x300x200 (mm) enclosure
(2) Auber 40A Solid State Relays
(1) Auber 75A heat sink
(3) Auber SYL-2352 PID temperature controller
(3) Auber deluxe RTD probe cables(8 ft)
(2) Liquid tight 2" RTD probes (HLT and Boil)
(1) Liquid tight 4" RTD probe (Mash)
(1) Auber JSL-73A Timer
(2) Blue Sea Systems Bus bars rated at 130A
(1) 20A in-line fuse (for protecting the 14AWG wire off the hot bus)
(3) 30A 240V Contactors w/ 120V coils.
(1) Leviton NEMA L14-30 receptacle (power in)
(2) Leviton NEMA L6-30 receptacles (Element power)
(2) Leviton NEMA 5-15 receptacles (pump power)
(1) Petra 30A power cord with L14-30 plug
(2) L6-30 plugs (just the plug, no cord or element)Could use these to build an element power cord.
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Here are a few pictures:


Burn mark from Welder reattaching ground post


Inside Door:

Where grounding post was reattached

Inside Panel:

Power Cord:

Temperature Probe Cables:

Temperature Probes:

30A Twist Lock Plugs:

Here is a short video of the panel operating for the first time. I don't actually brew anything in it. I only fire it up to see if it works.

A little background on myself I am a senior electrical engineering student obtaining my bachelors and I have also been working as an electrical designer in the field of commercial buildings for 7 years. I have thoroughly checked over the design & build and all is correct per and Auber Instruments Installation manuals. The control panel has been tested against a voltmeter at its outputs and it operates perfectly. Power in and element receptacles are locking plugs for added security. This control panel by no means is perfect. This is my first attempt at building one of these and most of it was done with hand tools. I will not bargain over the forum. Please PM me offers. I will answer questions about the control panel over the forum so feel free to do so. I have videos of the panel being tested if anybody interested would like those just send me your email. 

Price: $1150

Thank you for taking the time to look at my control panel and happy brewing. Cheers!
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Offline Tom.McKamey

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Re: FOR SALE: Electric Brewing Control Panel
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2014, 04:48:47 pm »
Has this item sold?  I would be interested in making an offer if not.

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Re: FOR SALE: Electric Brewing Control Panel
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2015, 12:29:38 pm »
Have you sold your control panel yet? Very interested!