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Author Topic: Selling my system. Grind,Mash,Boil -$1600 Or priced out  (Read 1065 times)

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Selling my system. Grind,Mash,Boil -$1600 Or priced out
« on: February 16, 2019, 09:22:44 am »
Price dropped to $1600, and added some additional items.

*SOLD Grain Mill
*SOLD Edelmetal Bru Burner
*SOLD BOTH Brew Buckets
*SOLD Flasks
*SOLD Stir Plate

Because I am moving and where we are going is much smaller than where we are at now I have no choice really but to sell my brewing stuff. I've loved the hobby for 10 years now, but I just dont find myself doing it as much anymore and I know a lot of people are eager to get their hands wet and do it themselves. I thought about putting this stuff in storage, but the reality is in a year+ time I will have paid more than the cost of just buying everything new. So, I am offering up my whole package at just below 50% of what it cost me new.

$1600 takes it all. Or, I’ve put individual prices next to. I CANNOT ship so please dont ask. Buyer MUST pickup in Los Angeles North Hollywood area.

For pictures:
[beer equip photos](
Password: BEER

Here’s the lot:

1 - Custom Made brew stand with places for 2 march pumps and my Rims system. - All seen in photo of stand. (Free - just the stand)

1 - Bayou Classic 16 Gallon "HLT" with false bottom, dip tube and lid(notched for Sparge Arm in previous use)($50)

1 - SS Brewtech 20-Gallon Infussion Fermenter with Pressure system when recirculating or Sparging out, excellent false bottom and gasket is flawless. 0-loss!($450)

1 - 16-Gallon Stout Tank Kettle with Dip tube, Site Glass, and accessory port for circulation, or drawing a sample, or whatever you'd like!($400)

1 - 10-Gallon Megapot (lid is missing handle, but still works)($75)

3 - 3.5Gallon Buckets with Gamme Seals ($10 each or $25 for all three)

1 - Hop Spider - she's used, but she works great(seen in photo of Kettle)!($10)

1 - SS Brewtech FTS cooling system and sleeve, also included Blow Off adapter($150)

1 - March Pumps metal (listed Above)($50)

1 - March Pump Composite($50)

1 - 18 " Rims tube with 5500w element which goes into: ($150)

1 - 120V PID RIMs temperature controller which converts the element into about a 1400w Element for low-density(doesn't SCORCH the wort). ($150)

1 - Frigidaire 138-can Soft Drink fridge with Johnson Controller. Fridge will Lager or Ale. 33F to 50F, but with the controller you can hold it at higher Ale temps (65-72F). Also fits Corny Kegs. ($200)

1 - PLAATO digital airlock. Unused. I have two of these, Im keeping one, but it basically monitors the progress of your fermenting beer, so you dont have to draw samples all the time. It will guesstimate based on science-y stuff what your current SG/FG is. Requires free Apple Store app to use, and a power outlet - must be plugged in at all times during use. Its pretty neat. ($90)

1 - Various tubing, Triclover connections, quick connects/discconnects, various hoses.(Free)

1 - glass 6-gallon Carboy ($25)

1 - Bottle Capper (Not shown) ($5)

1 - 2-tap Tower for fridge modification(if wanted) ($20)

1 - propane tanks($15)

And other odds and ends, measuring tools, 5 gallon bucket(for grain grinds), etc.

The only thing you really need is a Kegerator or bottles, and with a lot of trial and error for a beginner, or a bit of fine tuning for an expert, you could be brewing up beer in no time!

If interested, please contact Ben at

Sorry, but again, I CANNOT ship, so ***please please please*** do not ask - so buyer MUST pickup.
I am located in the Studio City/Valley Village area of Los Angeles.
Thank you!
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