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Author Topic: Working on finances  (Read 5941 times)

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Re: Working on finances
« Reply #30 on: August 02, 2011, 08:50:06 pm »
Besides, a commute through the city at 30mph on a motorcycle isn't dangerous; falling off at that speed would be fun at best, annoying at worst, a hospital trip for a broken arm if you're spectacularly bad at this.  Wear your helmet, leathers/mesh, boots, and gloves.

Would you stop talking out your @ss about motorcycles.
I along with the world watched a racer die on live tv when he crashed and was hit by the bike ( Assen,NL), care to guess how fast he was going? less than 30mph.

Its not the speed but how fast your body/brain stops that matters:

The 3 impacts of every crash:
Vehicle impact >> body impact >> organ impact

example> falling at 115mph but sliding/rolling for a 100ft before stopping vs 30mph and stopping within a few ft, the later will always suffer more injuries.

I agree, but there are certain things motorcycles are better at than cars, such as stopping (assuming you know how to do so correctly) and avoidance (assuming you are a competent rider). People should still remember that car accidents kill people too. That said, obviously motorcycles are more dangerous. Worth it, though, if you don't kill yourself.  :)