2015 Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am Entries

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The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) Pro-Am competition is a chance for homebrewers to team up with a commercial brewery to bring a homebrew-inspired beer to the masses. The beer is entered into the GABF Pro-Am competition to see how it stands up to other commercially-produced homebrew recipes.

This year, the 2015 GABF Pro-Am competition has 92 entries from craft brewery and amateur brewer teams across the country.

If you’re heading to the 2015 Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colo., be sure to stop by the Pro-Am booth to sample a selection of the entries. The 92 entries will be split up and served across the 4 sessions of Great American Beer Festival, and you can find a tap list on GreatAmericanBeerFestival.com.

2015 GABF Pro-Am Entries

Brewery Homebrewer Beer
2nd Story Brewing Co. (PA) Ed Coffey
  • Mashup IPA
  • Imperial India Pale Ale with Passionfruit
51 North Brewing Co. (MI) Kevin Paul
  • Crafty Smoking Goat
  • Bamberg-Style Bock Rauchbier
Alltech’s Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. (KY) Keith Rodenhauser
  • Kentucky Ale Pro-Am Session IPA
  • Session IPA
Alvarado Street Brewery & Grill (CA) Mark Trent
  • Bretty Grable
  • Saison with Brettanomyces
Anderson Valley Brewing Co. (CA) John “Jack” Ridley
  • Can Kicky Kolsch
  • Kölsch
Arizona Wilderness Brewing (AZ) Jared Veldheer
  • Tropical Storm
  • American Pale Ale
Barley Forge Brewing (CA) David Hall
  • The Reiver
  • English Milk Stout with Coffee
Bear Republic Brewing Co. (CA) Matthew Kennedy
  • Ouro Preto
  • Schwarzbier
Bell’s Brewery, Inc – Brewpub (MI) Matt Van Natter
  • Coffee Mustache
  • California Common with Roasted Coffee Beans
Bent Brewstillery (MN) Benjamin Kiely
  • Funked Up #7 – Apricot Berliner
  • Berliner Weisse with Apricot
Black Diamond Brewing Co. (CA) Jeremy Pendrey
  • Schwartzhelm
  • Schwarzbier
Blue Island Beer Co. (IL) Joel Rakoski & Don Zelenak
  • Its Kellsch, Not Coalsch
  • Kölsch
Blue Spruce Brewing (CO) Corey Dyben
  • Pearadise Wheate IPA
  • American-Belgo IPA with Pear
Breakside Brewery – Pub Brewery (OR) Nathan Zorich
  • Breakside Smoked Oktoberfest
  • Bamberg-Style Märzen Rauchbier
C.B. and Potts Restaurant & Brewery – Fort Collins (CO) Remi Bonnart
  • Fort Dubble
  • Belgian Dubbel
Cigar City Brewing Co. (FL) Keith Howard
  • Incinerator
  • German Maibock using Smoked Malt
Coachella Valley Brewing Co. (CA) Ketchen Smith
  • Anatomicale
  • American Pale Ale
CO-Brew (CO) Scott Kendall
  • Bloody English
  • English Brown Ale
Confluence Brewing Co. (IA) Bob Lee & Sean Goodwin
  • Red IPA
  • American Red Ale
Coronado Brewing Co. (CA) Ruben Gomes
  • Skipper’s Joe
  • American Pale Ale
Coronado Brewing Co. – Production Facility (CA) Eric Woltz
  • Sea Lady Lager
  • Schwarzbier
Crow Hop Brewing Co. Ltd. (CO) Pam Bradley
  • TXPA
  • American Pale Ale
Dad & Dudes Breweria (CO) Chris & Sara Goodwin
  • Fermentologists Coffee Stout
  • Stout with Roasted Coffee Beans
Denver Beer Co. (CO) Bob Prohaska
  • ‘Merica Pale
  • American Pale Ale
Devils Backbone Brewing Co. – Basecamp (VA) Jamey Barlow
  • Hasselhoff
  • Kellerbier Pilsener
Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats (DE) Michael Soo
  • Mojito Vice
  • Berliner Weisse with Spearmint, Limes, & Rum-soaked Oak
Drakes Brewing Co. (CA) Brian Buckingham
  • He Said
  • American IPA
Dry Dock Brewing Co. (CO) Chris Crump
  • Black Beards Delight Imperial Stout
  • American Imperial Stout using Rye Malt & Maple Syrup, Aged in Whiskey Barrel
Dry Dock Brewing Co. – Production Facility (CO) Andrew McArthur
  • Vitalogy Russian Imperial Stout
  • British Imperial Stout
Elysian Brewing Co. (WA) George Stephens
  • Obnoxious IPA
  • Imperial India Pale Ale
Equinox Brewing (CO) Matt Eckhart
  • Outlet IPA
  • Imperial India Pale Ale
Faction Brewing Co. (CA) Nathan Smith
  • Nate’s Kolsch
  • Kölsch
Factotum Brewhouse (CO) Scott DeVelbiss
  • German Kolsch
  • Kölsch
Fall River Brewing Co. (CA) John Abbott
  • Abbot’s Reserve
  • Barleywine Aged in Bourbon Barrel
Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon (OH) John Mulligan
  • Swantucky Saison
  • Saison with Orange Peel, Ginger, & Chamomile
FATE Brewing Co. (CO) Ryan Lotter
  • Citra IPA
  • American IPA
Figueroa Mountain Brewing – Buellton (CA) Brian Cogan
  • Coganut Porter
  • Brown Porter with Toasted Coconut
Fish Brewing Co. (WA) Keith Ciani
  • Ciani Dortmunder
  • German Dortmunder
Flix Brewhouse – Des Moines (IA) Matt Hill
  • Big Timber
  • IPA with Spruce Tips
Free State Brewing Co. (KS) Mike Blouin
  • Leftside Porter
  • Brown Porter
Great Basin Brewing Co. – Sparks (NV) Jeff Morrison
  • Sweet Chocolate Stout
  • Sweet Stout
Great South Bay Brewery (NY) Brian Giebel
  • Muscat Love
  • Belgian Tripel with Muscat Grapes
Grist Brewing Co. (CO) Tim Thomssen
  • Blueberry Sweet Tart
  • Belgian Strong Pale Ale with Blueberries Aged in Red Wine Barrels
HailStorm Brewing Co. (IL) Scott Pointon
  • Grodziskie
  • Polish Ale using Smoked Wheat Malt
High Hops Brewery (CO) Geoff Shipley
  • Calrissian Common
  • California Common Beer
Hoppin’ Frog Brewing Co. (OH) Joseph Grenert
  • King Gose Home
  • Contemporary Gose using Unmalted Rolled Oats & Coriander
Independence Brewing (TX) Matthew Linnenburger
  • Hey! Porter
  • Robust Porter
Ironfire Brewing Co. (CA) Jacob Mitchell
  • Sorachi Ace Imperial Saison
  • Saison
Joseph James Brewing Co., Inc (NV) John Griffith
  • Irresistible
  • Brown Porter
Karl Strauss Brewing Co. – Downtown (CA) Jim McCaskey
  • Black Nose Smoked Porter
  • Brown Porter using Alder Smoked Malt, Roasted Coffee Beans, & Vanilla
Kokopelli Beer Co. (CO) Dave Eddy
  • Better Half Amber Ale
  • American Amber Ale
Lift Bridge Brewery (MN) Rick Helps
  • Scottish Export
  • Scottish Export Ale
Logboat Brewing Co. (MO) Keith Heckman
  • Coffee Milk Stout
  • Sweet Stout with Roasted Coffee Beans
Lucid Brewing (MN) Chris Smith
  • BFD Hefeweizen
  • South German-Style Hefeweizen
Maui Brewing Co. (HI) Bob Horst
  • Vanilla Stout
  • American Imperial Stout with Vanilla
Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery (MN) Kevin Meintsma
  • Kevin’s Long Session Mild
  • English Dark Mild Ale
Mockery Brewing (CO) Brann Greager
  • Her Majesty’s Pleasure
  • English Special Bitter
Modern Times Beer (CA) Miles McLennan
  • Cup Of Dankness IPA
  • American IPA
Monkish Brewing Co. (CA) Brian Holter & Kingsley Toby
  • Triumphus 2015
  • Belgian Tripel
Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co. (PA) Tim Caum
  • Raid the Eisbock
  • Eisbock
New Belgium Brewing Co. (CO) Geoff Coleman
  • The Merovingian
  • Belgian Ale with Saison Yeast, Aged in Chardonnay Barrel
North By Northwest Restaurant & Brewery – Slaughter (TX) Stuart West
  • Alexis’ Promise
  • English-Style India Pale Ale (IPA)
Northgate Brewing (MN) Casey Mussman
  • Doppelnator
  • Dopplebock Aged in Bourbon Barrel
Odd13 Brewing, Inc. (CO) Mike Froehlich
  • Atahsaisa
  • American Barleywine Aged in American Oak Whiskey Barrel
Olde Hickory Brewery – Production (NC) Bill Lynch
  • Bill’s Black Lager
  • Schwarzbier
Oskar Blues Brewery – Lyons (CO) Keith Bradley
  • Salivator
  • German Dopplebock
Pagosa Brewing & Grill (CO) David Carlberg
  • Cuvee of Gold
  • Strong Golden Ale Refermented with Lactobacillus
Pateros Creek Brewing (CO) Gerry Lynch
  • Triple T
  • Belgian Tripel
Pizza Port Carlsbad (CA) Jon Englebrits
  • Evil Jon
  • British Imperial Stout with Coco Nibs, Vanilla, Date Syrup, & Cold-pressed Coffee
RAM Restaurant & Brewery – Wheeling (IL) Michael Strle & Corey Miglorini
  • Triple
  • Belgian Tripel
Red Eye Brewing Co. (WI) Ben Schreiner
  • Riona Red
  • Irish Red Ale
Reuben’s Brews (WA) Lou Strowger
  • Märzen
  • German Märzen
Rip Current Brewery (CA) Todd Barrett
  • Delaminator Smoked Doppelbock
  • German Dopplebock with Smoked Malt
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery (CO) Charles Fort
  • Chuck’s Munich Dunkel
  • Munich Dunkel
Rockyard American Grill & Brewing Co. (CO) Jason & Kelly Kruegel
  • Dark Strong One
  • Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Silver City Brewery (WA) Mike Hausenfluck
  • Franco-American
  • French Bière de Garde
Slanted Rock Brewing Co. (ID) Sean Lambert
  • Black Eye Rye IPA
  • Imperial Black Rye IPA
Snowbank Brewing (CO) Matt Hamilton
  • Stout
  • American Stout with Toasted Coconut
Springfield Brewing Co. (MO) Chris Becker
  • 100 Proof Imperial IPA
  • Imperial India Pale Ale
Station 26 Brewing Co. (CO) James White
  • Rye Pale Ale
  • American Pale Ale using Rye Malt
Stone Brewing Co. (CA) Juli Goldenberg
  • Juli Goldenberg / Monkey Paw / Stone 24 Carrot Golden Ale
  • Belgian Pale Strong Ale with Carrots
Ten Pin Brewing Co. (WA) Troy Watson
  • Montlake Porter
  • Robust Porter
The Sandlot (CO) Adam Schwindt
  • Bock me Amadeus
  • Traditional Bock
Thirsty Bear Brewing Co. (CA) Tom Karow
  • Happy Time G Pils Kellerbier
  • Kellerbier Pilsener
Tustin Brewing Co. (CA) Ryan Holt
  • Immediate Consumption IPA
  • American IPA
Twisted Pine Brewing Co. (CO) Chris Sweeney, Dave Womack, Michael Hull, Garrett Lilly
  • MiniMax
  • Light American Wheat with Pomelo Zest
Two Rascals Brewing Co. (CO) Eric Svenson
  • Belgian Golden
  • Belgian Blonde Ale
Upland Brewing Co. (IN) Chris Hoover
  • Bottled Blonde
  • Blonde Ale
Upslope Brewing Co. (CO) Ernie Smith
  • Irish Red Ale
  • Irish Red Ale
Weasel Boy Brewing Co., LLC (OH) Nate Levengood & Mike Swartzwelder
  • Cream Ale
  • American Cream Ale
West Sixth Brewing Co. (KY) Ben Hoh
  • Blackberry Gose
  • Contemporary Gose with Blackberries
Westminster Brewing Co. (CO) Brian Pramov
  • Cuban Cartel
  • Robust Porter Aged on Spanish Cedar
Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria (KS) Christopher Strohmeyer
  • Christopher’s Blackberry Lambic
  • Belgian Lambic with Blackberries
Wynwood Brewing Co. (FL) Karl D. Larson
  • Catherine
  • British Imperial Stout
Yak and Yeti (CO) Troy Leck
  • Raspberry Lemon Summer Ale
  • German Hefeweizen with Lemon Zest & Raspberries
Zwei Brewing Co. (CO) Doug Finke
  • Classic American Pils (CAP)
  • German Dortmunder
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