2023 Learn to Homebrew Day Official Recipes

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Learn to Homebrew Day is November 4, 2023

In 1999, Learn To Homebrew Day was established as the first Saturday in November by the American Homebrewers Association to promote the most rewarding and delicious activity of all time—homebrewing. Beer lovers worldwide are invited to brew, share their knowledge, and celebrate the hobby of homebrewing annually.

Official Beer Recipes

The 2023 Learn To Homebrew Day official homebrew recipes are “SMaSH” beers. “SMaSH” stands for “single malt and single hop.” The acronym alludes to the simplistic listing of ingredients in a beer recipe, where only one type of malt and one type of hop are used.

These recipes are great starting points for new homebrewers and a great way for experienced brewers to see what a single type of malt and hop (and yeast!) contributes to a beer’s profile.

Be sure to share photos and videos of your brew day! Tag @homebrewassoc on X, Instagram, and Facebook, and use this hashtag #LearnToHomebrewDay.

Your First SMaSH Ale
pale beer in a mug
Pale Ale

Your First SMaSH Ale

ABV: varies with yeast selection

IBU: varies with hop selection

SRM: 4-10 (depending on malt selection)

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