Dubbel Your Pleasure

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Often recipes are brewed to fit within a specific classic style, especially if the brew is headed for competition. But how often do you formulate a recipe with cooking and pairing in mind? Hombrew Chef Sean Paxton presents this delicious Belgian dubbel recipe with alternative ingredient additions that will enhance the beer’s presence when used to cook or pair with various proteins.

For more suggestions on meal recipes and pairings using this dubbel, review Paxton’s article “Brewing (and Cooking) for Flavor” in the January/February 2011 issue of Zymurgy. This issue and many more can be accessed instantly via the eZymurgy online archive and Zymurgy mobile app.

Dubbel Your Pleasure | Belgian Dubbel


  • For 6 gallons (22.75 L)
    • 5.0 lb (2.3 kg) | Belgian Pilsner (two-row)
    • 2.5 lb (1.1 kg) | Maris Otter pale malt
    • 1.5 lb (680 kg) | CaraMunich malt
    • 1.5 lb (680 kg) | CaraVienne malt
    • 0.5 lb (227 g) | Aromatic malt
    • 0.5 lb (227 g) | Belgian Wheat malt
    • 0.25 lb (113 g) | Special B malt
    • 1.0 oz (28 g) | East Kent Goldings, 5% a.a. (60 min)
    • 1.0 oz (28 g) | Hallertauer Hersbrucker, 4% a.a. (30 min)
    • 1.0 oz (28 g) | Styrian Goldings, 5.4% a.a. (15 min)
    • 2.0 lb (907 g) | Turbinado sugar (90 min)
    • 1.0 lb (454 g) | D2 syrup (15 min)
    • 1 Starter | Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity Yeast


    • Original Gravity: 1.072
    • Final Gravity: 1.014
    • ABV: 7.6%
    • IBU: 25
    • SRM: 22.5
    • Boil Time: 90 minutes
    • Efficiency: 75%
    • Pre-boil Volume: n/a
    • Pre-boil Gravity: n/a


    See additional ingredient information below.

    Step infusion mash starting at 95°F (35°C). Dough in for 15 minutes, raise to 122°F (50°C) for 15 minutes, then to 135°F (57.2°C) for 15 minutes. Saccharification rest at 148°F (64.4°C) for 120 minutes. Mash out at 165°F (73.8°C) for 15 minutes, then sparge with 170°F (76.6°C) water. Boil for 90 minutes.

    Pitch yeast at 64°F (17.7°C) and let temperature rise to 74°F (23.3°C) over six days. Transfer to secondary and let sit for 14 days. Keg or bottle condition.

    To use this beer with lamb, beer of bison:

    Add 2 star anise cloves during the last five minutes of the boil. Add 1 quart of water to a medium pot. Add 1/2 pound prunes (pitted and chopped) and 1/2 pound dried figs (stems removed and quartered) with 1/2 pound soft dark candi sugar and 3 whole cloves and bring to a boil. Boil for five minutes, let cool to room temperature and add to secondary.

    To use this beer with duck or chicken:

    Add 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon to the mash. Five minutes before knockout, add 1 teaspoon dried sweet orange peel. At whirlpool,  add 1 vanilla bean (split in half and seeds removed) while chilling. Add 1 cinnamon stick to primary.

    Extract Option

    Substitute 3.75 lbs (1.7 kg) pale liquid malt extract for the pilsner malt and 2.75 lbs (1.2 kg) liquid Munich malt extract for the pale, aromatic, and wheat malts. Steep remaining grains in 158°F (70°C) water for 30 minutes, strain and rinse. Add extracts and bring to a boil. Proceed with recipe as stated, except boil can be reduced to 60 minutes.