Lagunitas Brown Shugga’ Clone

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Lagunitas Brown Shugga’, with its colloquial name, high alcohol by volume, false remorse on the beer’s origins and devilish caution of being “dangerously slammable,” is a great beer and something to consider brewing for the colder months of the year.

This beer recipe style lies somewhere in between an American Strong Ale and “Irresponsible.” It was born in 1997 from Lagunitas’ failed attempt of what was supposed to be their Olde GranleyWine Ale. However, it was good enough to bottle and drink, and now we have Brown Shugga’ every winter, or whenever you would like now.

It pours a deep amber with a big head. The aroma will have some brown sugar notes, along with roasted caramel, wood and subtle hops. The body is lightened from the brown sugar and tastes somewhat sweet balanced by floral hops and bitter resin.

So, what’re you waiting for? Get brewing. If you’re interested in doing a beer and food pairing, Lagunitas suggests pairing this with anything made from traditional pumpkin pie spices or braised shanks. Need we say more?

Lagunitas Brown Shugga’ Clone | American Barleywine


  • For 5.5 Gallons (20.82 L)
    • 14.0 lb (6.35 kg) two-row pale malt
    • 3.5 lb (1.59 kg) wheat malt
    • 1.0 lb (0.45 kg) Crisp C60 60°L crystal malt
    • 1.0 lb (0.45 kg) 10°L Munich malt
    • 4.0 oz (113 g) Baird 105°L crystal malt
    • 4.0 oz (113 g) Baird 150°L crystal malt
    • 8.0 oz (227 g) dark brown sugar (45 min)
    • 1.5 oz (42.5 g) Willamette, 4.1% a.a. (90 min)
    • 0.3 oz (8.5 g) Horizon, 13% a.a. (45 min)
    • 1.1 oz (31.2 g) Willamette, 4.1% a.a. (45 min)
    • 0.1 oz (3 g) Horizon, 13% a.a. (0 min)
    • 0.3 oz (8.5 g) Liberty, 4.5% a.a. (0 min)
    • 0.75 oz (21 g) Centennial, 8% a.a. (0 min)
    • 0.75 oz (21 g) Cascade, 5.4% a.a. (dry)
    • 0.75 oz (21 g) Centennial, 8% a.a. (dry)
    • 0.75 oz (21 g) Liberty, 4.5% a.a. (dry)
    • White Labs WLP002 or Wyeast1968
    • Whirlfloc at 15 min


    • Original Gravity: 1.104
    • Final Gravity: 1.035
    • ABV: 9%
    • IBU: 36
    • SRM: 16


    To brew the Lagunitas Brown Shugga’ clone, use carbon-filtered tap water. Adjust water with gypsum in mash. Single infusion mash at 155°F (68°C). Mash out at 168°F (76°C). Boil for 90 minutes. Whirlpool knockout (0 min) hops for 5 minutes before chilling.

    Ferment at 64°F (18°C). Dry hop one week in primary. Package and age at least two months, the brown sugar flavors will come out and the hops will begin to recede after about six weeks.

    Extract Version

    To brew the Lagunitas Brown Shugga' clone mini-mash version, substitute 10 lb (454 kg) pale malt extract syrup for the two-row pale. Conduct a mini-mash with the 3.5 lb wheat, 1 lb Munich and crystal malts at 155°F (68°C) for one hour. Strain, rinse grains, dissolve extract and proceed with boil.