Ommegang Abbey Clone

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A deliciously complex dark Belgian ale, Ommegang Abbey bursts with dark fruit and malt aromas, gingerbread spice, a pineapple fruitiness, and a subtle but powerful alcohol warmth. Culturing the house yeast strain will give you the most authentic results, especially at the temperature specified, but a pure culture strain also works well. The caramel red malt, Special B, Belgian chocolate, and dark candi sugar all conspire to produce the deep reddish tint and velvety beige head of this luxurious ale. It takes several weeks of conditioning to attain the proper level of carbonation and dryness in the beer, so be patient—it is well worth it. This recipe was originally featured in the July/August 2008 Zymurgy written by Amahl Turczyn.

Ommegang Abbey Clone | Belgian Specialty Ale


  • For 5 gallons (19 L)
    • 10.5 lb. (4.76 kg) Belgian pale malt (two-row)
    • 1.5 lb. (0.68 kg) aromatic malt
    • 1.25 lb. (0.57 kg) dark candi sugar
    • 0.5 lb. (227 g) caramel Munich malt (60° L)
    • 4 oz. (113 g) caramel red malt
    • 3.5 oz. (99 g) Special B malt
    • 2 oz. (57 g) Belgian chocolate malt
    • 0.75 oz. (21 g) Magnum pellet hops, 13% a.a. (first wort hop)
    • 0.5 oz. (14 g) Hersbrucker pellet hops, 4.75% a.a. (10 min.)
    • 0.5 oz. (14 g) Hersbrucker pellet hops, 4.75% a.a. (0 min.)
    • Yeast cultured from a bottle of Ommegang, or Belgian Abbey Yeast


    • Original Gravity: 1.083
    • Final Gravity: 1.014
    • ABV: 9%
    • IBU: 39
    • SRM: 38


    Conduct a step mash with rests at 145° F (63° C) for 45 minutes, 155° F (68° C) for 30 minutes, and mash out at 160° F (86° C) for 10 minutes. If possible, use decoctions to move from one rest to the next. Otherwise, use infusions, direct heat, or your preferred method. Collect runoff, add candi sugar, and boil, adding hops as indicated. Chill to 75° F (24° C), aerate, pitch yeast, and ferment at 77° F (25° C). Bottle prime with 6 oz. (170 g) dark candi sugar.

    Extract Version:

    Substitute 8.25 lb. (3.74 kg) light malt extract syrup for pale malt. Steep remaining malts in 150° F (66° C) brewing water for 30 minutes; remove, add extract and sugar, and proceed with boil.