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Pirate of the Baltic Porter

The beer styles that we are familiar with today have, of course, evolved for many years. A few years ago, Alastair Kocho-Williams wrote a piece in Zymurgy magazine about how Soviet beer styles evolved from four standardized Soviet beer groups in 1927 to many styles encompassing dark ales, dark lagers, “black” beers, “caramel” beers, and much more. We imagine that the Baltic porter would have fit into the black category, which requires that the beers have a minimum original gravity of 1.052 and a minimum ABV of 1.2%. This brew certainly fits into that category ending in a whopping 10.2% – the rye malt adds a nice spice to complement the traditional flavor profile of a Baltic porter.

This recipe was originally featured in the March/April 2012 issue of Zymurgy magazine.

Pirate of the Baltic Porter | Baltic Porter


  • For 5 gallons (19 L)
    • 12.2 lb. (5.53 kg) Pilsner malt
    • 4.7 lb. (2.13 kg) rye malt
    • 0.75 lb. (340 g) crystal 120°L
    • 0.75 lb. (340 g) chocolate malt (450°L)
    • 0.37 lb. (170 g) black malt
    • 2 oz. (57 g) Fuggle, 5% a.a. (60 min.)
    • 1 oz. (28 g) Serebrianka*, 3.5% a.a. (10 min.)
    • White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast or Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale Yeast


    • Original Gravity: 1.100
    • Final Gravity: 1.022
    • IBU: 42
    • Efficiency: 75%


    Mash at 149°F (65°C). Ferment at 64°F (18°C) for 10 days, and then transfer to secondary for six weeks. If bottling, bottle condition for at least 10 days.

    *If Serebrianka is unavailable, substitute Saaz.

    Extract/mini-mash version:

    Substitute 10 lb. (454 kg) light dry extract for the Pils and rye malts and steep the remaining grains for 30 minutes at 150°F (66°C). The lack of rye malt will affect the texture somewhat.

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