23 Medal-Winning Stout Recipes from National Homebrew Competition

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Stouts make up some of the most-entered styles each year in the National Homebrew Competition. From dry or sweet to imperial and historical, homebrewers from around the world put their best stout forward in the world’s largest amateur brewing competition.

Imperial & Wood-aged Stout Recipes

They’re big, they’re bold, and they’re a favorite among beer drinkers. Wood-aging an imperial stout is a great way to add a new layer of complexity.

American & Irish-style Stout Recipes

American- and Irish-style stouts tend to both be dry, but live on different ends of the hoppiness spectrum. While both can have varying levels of bitterness, malt is typically still the star of the show for Irish-style stouts while American-style stouts showcase hop flavors and aromas.

Foreign Export / Tropical Stout Recipes

Named for their historical presence in warm and tropical areas of the world, foreign export stouts tend to have some fruity-flavorsand sweetness but generally without the actual use of fruit.

Milk / Sweet Stout Recipes

A style that goes by many names–milk, cream, sweet–these stouts include the addition of unfermentable milk sugar, creating a creamy-sweet drinking experience.

Specialty / Other Stout Recipes

Stouts make for a great base beer to add creative and flavorful ingredients, from fruits to sweets!

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