5 Videos on Beer Ingredients

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Understanding brewing ingredients is crucial in being able to conceptualize the character of your next homebrew and then bring it to life with ingredients from the brew shop.

The following videos are recordings from Homebrew Con where skilled homebrewers and industry professionals share insight on malty, hops, yeast, and more!

For access to more videos on beer ingredients, along with 400+ other Homebrew Con sessions, visit our archive.

Deep Diving into Yeast Starters

Kara Taylor–Technical Laboratory Manager at White Labs in San Diego–knows that every great homebrew starts with a healthy pitch of yeast. Follow along with Kara as she explores the question we’ve all asked: “do I need a yeast starter?”

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Bitterness and the IBU: What’s It All About?

In this talk, Dr. Patricia Aron (Rahr Malting, BSG) covers the basics of bitterness and the truth about the International Bitterness Unit (IBU). Dr. Aron not only covers how raw materials contribute to bitterness but also why hop utilization calculations don’t always correlate to perceived bitterness levels.

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Flavor Creation in the Malt House

Join Cassie Poirer (Briess Malt & Ingredients Co) as we follow grain on a journey through the malt houses of yesterday and today to understand the importance of flavor creation and its impact on the beer styles of our past, present, and future. 

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Does Base Malt Flavor Matter?

Cassie Liscomb–a member of the Technical Services and R&D department at Briess Malt & Ingredient Co.–looks to answer the following questions: Does preferred base malt flavor translate to preferred beer flavor? Does base malt flavor really matter?

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Brewing with Coffee: From Dry-Beaning to Home Roasting

Amy Krone is joined by Modern Times colleagues Jacob McKean and Michael Tonsmeire to talk about what it takes to brew a fantastic coffee beer. Not only will this talk show you how to implement coffee in your homebrew, you’ll also learn how to roast coffee at home!

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