5 Videos on Beer Sensory Training

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Breaking down beer profile to its flavor, aroma, and appearance; understanding the various beer ingredients; identifying hallmarks of classic brewing practices and new frontiers; diagnosing off-flavors and what may have caused them—these are all tools that help refine your beers and develop control over your homebrewing processes.

The following list of homebrewing videos are recordings from past Homebrew Con presentations. Follow along as some of the greatest minds in beer and homebrewing share their expertise on pursuing beer sensory training.

1. Developing Your Palate to Become a Better Brewer

Lindsay Barr is the founding partner and CSO of DraughtLab, a sensory software for breweries to analyze their beers. Follow along as Barr teaches useful and accessible palate training techniques that homebrewers can apply every time they sip a beer. Discover the science behind why these techniques work and how they will help you become a better homebrewer.

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2. Sensory Detectives

Shawna Cormier and Jess Keller Poole are not only Certified Cicerones and BJCP certified judges, they are also the founders of Seattle Beer School and hosts of the Cheers To Beers podcast. Join Shawna and Jess as they tap into your memories as a unique investigative technique for beer sensory analysis.

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3. Avoiding Common Off-Flavors

Sensory analysis can provide insight into your processes and help you determine where you could be going wrong (or right!). Basic sensory knowledge can help you improve your process and avoid undesirable off-flavors. Follow along with Megan Schwarz, Quality Department Team Leader at Heavy Seas Brewing Co.

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4. Becoming a Better Beer Judge

Amanda Burkpmper is a master-level certified beer judge and serves as the assistant midwest representative for the Beer Judge Certification Program. In this presentation, Amanda takes a look at what it takes effectively evaluate beer while offering tips along the way to become a great beer judge.

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5. Using Common Sensory: Organizing Beer Sensory Experiences to Improve Your Palate

Getting into the sensory analysis of beer can seem intimidating to many people who would like to improve their palates but aren’t sure where or how to start. Luckily for us, Jen Blair–advanced Cicerone, Certified BJCP judge, and beer program coordinator for New Realm Brewing Co..–makes learning more about beer sensory analysis not only fun but also approachable.

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