Homebrew Recipes: All Grain and Brew in a Bag

Hop Hammer Homebrew RecipeHop Hammer

Hop Hammer is an imperial India pale ale is based off of Russian River Brewing Company’s renowned Pliny the Elder. The large quantity of hops added to the boil and after fermentation makes this a hop head’s dream brew! Follow along step-by-step in the all-grain batch sparge brewing tutorial in the Brewing Steps tab.

Raubier Homebrew RecipeRuabeoir

Ruabeoir is an Irish red ale is balanced with moderate malt character that often comes across as toasted and caramel notes. The deep reddish-copper color comes from a small dose of highly-kilned malt that also adds to the dry finish. Follow along step-by-step in the brew in a bag (BIAB) tutorial in the Brewing Steps tab.

Helles Homebrew RecipeStizung Helles

Stizung Helles earned Jonathan Perman the title of Homebrewer of the Year at the 2012 National Homebrew Competition. For this Munich helles, the hops are added to the mash tun during the mash, a technique known as “first wort hopping.” Perman also includes the minerals he used to treat his water in the recipe.

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