Glen Lyon’s Keezer

From Glen Lyon of Hyrum, UT

Front view showing GE FCM7  freezer (7 cubic feet), homemade collar, stainless drip tray, Perlick faucets, Love controller, and homemade dolly.

Top view

It just barely fits four kegs. Blonde Ale and Hard Apple Cider currently on tap. Note the double regulator.


2×6 collar corner detail

Note gasket between collar and freezer so its not attached to freezer and can be easily removed.


Two gas distribution manifolds, one hooked up to each regulator

Why five valves? With a regulator on each manifold I can be serving 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 while force carbonating 4, 3, 2, 1, or 0 kegs respectively. An extra gas line can be handy too. In this picture also note the rigid foam backer on the wood collar. The rigid foam is beveled lower than the wood collar at the bottom so that it matches the inward bevel of the top edge of the freezer perfectly. Likewise the outward bevel of the freezer lid contacts the extra gasket on the top edge of the ridged foam.

pimp gasdist

Close up of the controller

I made a sandwich of two pieces of clear plexiglass with a piece of black paper in between held together by four screws. The plexiglass pieces sandwich the shoulders of the sheet metal hole the old freezer controller was in. Love controller mounts in a hole cut through the center of the plexiglass sandwich.


It was fun to build and is fun to use.

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