Heady Homebrew: Making Beer with Cannabis

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brewing beer with cannabis

As cannabis becomes legal and available in more states, the polarizing plant has become a point of curiosity for food and beverage explorers.

Cannabis-related ingredients have long been incorporated into culinary endeavors, and today more homebrewers are finding ways to bring cannabis into the beermaking process.

Use the below resources to make your headiest beer yet!

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Techniques for Using Cannabinoids in Brewing

Access a free chapter from the book Brewing with Cannabis by Keith Villa, Ph.D., founder of CERIA Brewing Company and Blue Moon Brewing Company.

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Brewing with Cannabis

Keith Villa, Ph.D. (author of Brewing with Cannabis) shares his tips on safely utilizing cannabis ingredients with THC and CBD in the beermaking process..

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Brewing with Hemp

Understand the many uses of cannabis that are relevant to homebrewers, debunk some of the rampant myths and pseudo-science about cannabis, and explore the future opportunities in the cannabis beverage space

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I Read 2 Books in the Morning. I Read 2 Books at Night…

The following titles from Brewers Publications cover everything a homebrewer needs to know to begin brewing with cannabis and hemp. Get a FREE BOOK when you join the American Homebrewers Association.

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