Homebrew Hacks: Frugal Floating Mash Thermometer

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Homebrew Hacks Thermometer

This Homebrew Hack was submitted by AHA member Steve Lusk on the AHA Forum.

Thermometers come in all sorts of sizes and materials, and many of us already have digital thermometers that pull double duty for cooking and brewing. The trouble is, a lot of the digital probe thermometers commonly found in the kitchen don’t play nice with water and steam. The solution: Stephen’s frugal floating mash thermometer.

First find a clear, high-temperature resistant container (like Tupperware) that is big enough to hold your thermometer. Puncture the probe of the thermometer through the bottom of the container, allowing a bit of space between the bottom of the container and the thermometer display in case liquid makes it through the hole. Now sit the container on the surface of the mash, and…voila…you’ve got yourself a DIY floating thermometer!

Of course, this doesn’t solve the issue of steam making its way into the thermometer and potentially fogging up the display or, worse, frying the hardware. Most of these small, plastic containers come with lids. Find one that is clear and completely enclose the thermometer in the container. Food-grade sealer can also be used around the puncture point to prevent liquid from entering the container, for a more permanent solution.

Simple as that!

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Photo © Steve Lusk