Let’s Make Your First Batch of Beer

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By the American Homebrewers Association

Making your first batch of beer is like riding a bike. It feels a little unfamiliar the first time, and you probably wonder more than once if you’re doing it right—a normal feeling.

With a little guidance and perseverance, you were riding on two wheels in no time. It’s the same thing when making your first batch of beer!

The first batch is about getting acquainted with the homebrewing process. As you get more brew days under your belt, your confidence grows along with the quality of your beer.

Gearing Up to Make Beer

Most of the equipment you will need to make beer is already in your kitchen: stockpot, thermometer, etc.

You may need to get a few things from a homebrew supply shop—like a fermenter—along with the ingredients for your recipe.

Browse the AHA’s homebrew recipes or start with our Easy Amber Ale, an extract recipe perfect for beginners with a video tutorial.

How To Make Your First Batch of Beer

On brew day, you’ll follow the beer recipe step by step to make wort—not-yet-fermented beer. Water is boiled where ingredients like malt extracts and hops are added.

The resulting wort is sugar-rich, providing “food” the yeast will consume and convert into alcohol and CO2. This stage is called fermentation.

Fermentation kicks off within 24 hours of the yeast being added to the fermenter. In just a few weeks, fermentation is complete. Bottle or keg your beer, and it’s ready to share with friends!

Keep Making Beer at Home

After going through the motions of your first batch, you’ll realize homebrewing boils down (pun intended) to a straight-forward process. Like riding a bike, your effort and persistence pay off with a tastier and tastier brew.