Make Beer at Home on National Beer Day

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Making beer at home is really simple when boiled down to its basics:

  • Pick out the perfect beer recipe.
  • Get your ingredients at a store or online.
  • Combine the ingredients to make a wort (unfermented beer).
  • Ferment/condition for a few weeks.

Get started with The Easy Guide to Making Beer.

Keeping It Simple

Starting out with a simplified beer-making process that requires minimal equipment and know-how will set you up for delicious tasting beer.

By making beer with malt extract, the homebrewing process is quick and easy to execute. Your first beer will be set up for success!

The Easy Guide to Making Beer

Grab a beer and follow along as we guide you from recipe to taking the first sip of you homebrew. Head to The Easy Guide to Making Beer section for more resources, including recipes and tutorials. There’s no better way to celebrate National Beer Day on April 7, 2023!