Testing Malt with Grain Teas

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[Editor’s note: Be very careful when microwaving liquids. Never microwave a liquid to near-boiling temperatures. Take the necessary precautions when preparing and handling microwaved liquids.]

Grains are a vital component of every beer recipe. They are not only the main source of sugar that yeast ferment to create the alcohol in beer, but are also a crucial foundation of color, flavor and aroma.

The tricky part with having dozens of beer grain varieties available at your homebrew shop is developing an understanding of how each variety will contribute to a beer. Even the (seemingly) same type of base malt from two unique maltsters can have different character profiles.

In this video, we walk through a quick trick that allows homebrewers to get an idea of how different grains will contribute to a homebrew recipe, without needing to brew and ferment a full batch of beer. So grab some grains and start testing!

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